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WINDHOEK , 06 December 2021

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Fellow Countrymen and Women,

Over a week ago, on 24 November 2021, diligent scientists and talented medical professionals from our neighbouring sister country, South Africa identified a new Covid-19 variant. Befittingly, we owe these men and women a debt of gratitude for their research excellence in identifying this new variant, which has since been code-named Omicron and listed as a variant of concern by the World Health Organization.

Unfortunately, instead of applauding this outstanding achievement by African scientists, certain countries and regions of the world have responded with knee-jerk measures in the form of counterproductive travel bans against our region. The global fight against Covid-19 demands multilateral collaboration, coordination and consultations between nations, and not divisions between regions and citizens. It is in that vein that I call for an end to unnecessary travel bans, which undermine economic recovery; and are not rooted in scientific rigour.

We should come together as ONE world and ONE global village to defeat the common enemy Covid-19.

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Namibia-Seminar der Deutsch-Namibischen Gesellschaft (DNG e.V.) in Göttingen, 30. Oktober 2021

Namibia-Seminar of the German-Namibian Society (DNG) in Göttingen, 30 October 2021

Am Samstag, den 30. Oktober 2021, nahm Botschafter Martin Andjaba am Namibia-Seminar der Deutsch-Namibischen Gesellschaft in Göttingen teil.

On Saturday, 30 October 2021, Ambassador Martin Andjaba attended the Namibia-Seminar of the German-Namibian Society in Göttingen.

DNG Namibia Seminar Göttingen

Hier finden Sie die englische Rede (English) des Botschafters zum Thema der Beziehungen zwischen Namibia und Deutschland. Die deutsche Version (German) erhalten Sie hier....

Click on the above links to access the English and German version of the Ambassador's speech.

Göttingen Ambassador Ms Haase Mr HessFrom left to right: Ambassador Martin Andjaba; Ms Bettina Haase, Namibia's Honorary Consul for Thuringia, and Mr Klaus Hess, President of the DNG.
Von links nach rechts: Botschafter Martin Andjaba, Frau Bettina Haase, Namibias Honorarkonsulin für Thüringen und Herr Klaus Hess, Präsident der DNG.

Stolen Moments – Namibian Music History Untold

Ausstellung in Stuttgart noch bis 21. November 2021

Am 11. Oktober 2021, eröffnete Botschafter Martin Andjaba die Ausstellung Stolen Moments - Namibian History Untold im Projektraum Kunstverein Wagenhalle in Stuttgart. 

Hierunter sehen Sie von links nach rechts Botschafter Martin Andjaba mit der Kuratorin der Ausstellung, Frau Aino Moongo und während seiner Rede. Auf dem großen Foto darunter wird der Herr Botschafter von John Liebenbergs Kindern willkommen geheißen.

Amb stolen moments

 Amb stolen moments resizeAmb Liebenbergs children

Die Ausstellung Stolen Moments – Namibian Music History Untold – erzählt die Geschichte der namibischen Populär-Musik der 50er bis 80er Jahre, die vom südafrikanischen Apartheidregime zensiert und unmöglich gemacht wurde.

Sie nannten sich The Dead Wood, Rocking Kwela Boys, Children Of Pluto, #Kharixurob, Otto Kampari, Strike Vilakazi, Warmgat oder The Dakotas. Sie waren die ungekrönten Popstars ihrer Zeit. Ihre musikalische Bandbreite umspannte alle Musikstile und Instrumente. Doch ihre Songs wurden unterdrückt und verboten. Heute sind sie Lehrer, Busfahrer, Näherinnen oder mittellos, manche sind in der Gosse gelandet, viele bereits verstorben, kaum einer von ihnen macht heute noch Musik.

Die Ausstellung ist täglich von 11-20 Uhr geöffnet. Das Begleitprogramm zum Nachlesen finden Sie. Führungen für Schulklassen oder Gruppen nach Voranmeldung.

Kuration: Aino Moongo, Sabine Linn, Ulf Vierke

Künstlerische Leitung: Thorsten Schütte

Kontakt: Simone Knapp (Mobil: 01637302888), Kirchliche Arbeitsstelle Südliches Afrika KASA


11 OCTOBER 2021

Ms Petra Olschowski, State Secretary,
Ms Simone Knapp of Ecumenical Service on Southern Africa (KASA)
Mr Thorsten Schütte, Artistic Director of the exhibition,
Honorary Consul of the Republic of Namibia, Proff. Dr. Andreas Staudacher,
Ms Aino Moongo, Curator
Members of the Curator Team,
Mr. Jackson Wahengo and Band, The Stolen Moments
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a privilege for me to be saying a few words this evening at the invitation of Ms Simone Knapp, for the opening of the Exhibition “Stolen Moments. Namibian Music History Untold”, for two reasons:

Firstly, I admire the Stolen Moments research team for their hard work and dedication. The several years of commitment and research they have put into this project is highly commendable.

Secondly, the exhibition encapsulates both bitter and sweet, as it chronicles intimate stories, songs and experiences of those who shaped Namibian pop culture during some of Namibia’s darkest, most repressive years of Apartheid, a period that marks some of the harshest years of racial discrimination under the South African Apartheid regime that followed German colonialism.

When I first heard about the exhibition, I was attracted by the title, Stolen Moments, printed in large letters on the poster advertising this exhibition, which has been travelling wide and far from London, to Basel, via Berlin and now Stuttgart. I have been told that the exhibition will also be viewed in Namibia next year. The title is fitting in that it reflects how “moments were stolen” through the censoring, suppressing and prohibiting of music and cultural expression by the Apartheid regime.

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Opening of the Exhibition Namibia and Germany - Aspects of a Special Relationship, on 11 September 2021, in Kleinmachnow

On 11 September 2021, Ambassador Martin Andjaba, opened the  travelling exhibition of the Deutsch-Namibische Gesellschaft (DNG), entitled Namibia-Germany - Aspects of a Special Relationship. 

Kleinmachnow Gruppenfoto

From left to right: Mr Klaus Hess, President of the German-Namibian Society (DNG); Ambassador Martin Andjaba; Mr Heiner Naumann, former country representative of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) in Namibia; Ambassador Robert Dölger, Regional Commissioner for Sub-Saharan Africa and the Sahel in the Foreign Office.


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